Improv Jelly

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to one of the newest Improv and sketch group in Central Alberta!!


Made up of Improvisers, Actors and Interdisciplinary Artists, we at Improv Jelly aim to entertain and laugh with you as we perform a bit of sketch comedy, and a whole lot of Improvisation. All set in an atmosphere unlike any other you've been in before.


We at Improv Jelly are proud to announce and exciting opportunity for you! During our June 16th and 17th shows we will be holding a silent auction for two incredible items. This silent auction will be a culmination of Friday AND Saturday bids for each item. Let me remind you that the shows are COMPLETELY different from Friday to Saturday and to return on Saturday to secure your winning bid is recommended! Tickets are only $10 and a cash bar is situated inside the Nickle Studio.


Our first item is a Half Share (Bi-weekly) box of fresh vegetables grown just outside of Red Deer without any chemicals or manufactured fertilizers. Mike Koslowski is the founding farmer at Steel Pony Farm. He has been providing fresh veggies to families in Red Deer for almost ten years and wants to share his delicious and fresh food box program with you! This item is a half share for the 2017 growing season and is valued at $360. Bidding will start at $60.


Our second item is a dozen custom made cupcakes baked here in downtown Red Deer with the love and passion that a decade and more of experience can bring to your sweet tooth. Sarah Thomas is the founder and head baker at Cuppitycakes Bakeshop. She is a master of the cupcake and her custom dozens are valued at $36 - $70 depending on your imagination! Bidding will start at $15.


Lastly we are bringing back What's in The Box??, a chance for you to win some fun and valuable prizes...if you pick the right box!! This time we will have TWO boxes up for grabs. One with great prizes and one with good prizes. Will you choose the Stud or the Dud? Tickets are $1 each and are sold right outside the Nickle Studio. Draws will be made during each show this weekend!


We love working locally and bringing you the best fun and local movers and shakers we can find. Thank you for your support and see you at the show!!!


Improv Jelly